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The Life Drawing Network is about bringing people together to Draw in Person or Online.

We absolutely try to never compete with anyone by listing everyone, list their events and never copy anyone's Ideas, we create new ones until someone else copies it, and another, etc... So we don't mind if our ideas travel as this is part of our now 17 years old crusade to spread the Art. 

We know that nothing really equals the face-to-face Life Drawing experience but because of Covid-19 we simply had to do our bit to keep our community sain and optimistic, so we did. I hurt myself running classes around the country so I'll be doing what shouldn't be competition to anyone which is Online Life Drawing while many will go back to regular classes. My job has been to decentralize the Art and have just covered my costs while others have capitalized, centralized, which is also really good as success bring more successes...

Life Drawing shouldn't be a new golden egg industry but something to help each one of us go towards becoming a succesful Artist. Succes is not always financial, it can also be spiritual or a Passion. Which is why I am going to add my drawings here to show just that, see down the page. I may start slowly but only because I am finishing another building project.

If I had to describe our website and venture In 10 years time, this website will be translated in 15 languages, isolated Artists from all over the World will be Life Drawing Online, showing and selling their Art here and using our Video recordings of classes to get there which was not possible before. We'll be selling Art courses, books and so much more I can't all divulge now, so I don't spoil the surprise....

This website should be all about you, not me so we are changing it, improving it until it becomes the Network to recommend and talk about. 

We are based between New York, Paris and London at the moment, maybe Brighton soon and will hope to go and visit most classes in the world. London is so buzzing, as this is where our crusade started and boomed, that we will leave it for a while and concentrate everywhere else, grow and then come back occasionally.