First: How can anyone make money here. Here are all the possible ways already existing and ways in the near future.


  • Untutored drawing classes where people draw you Live wearing costumes, clothes, dancing, juggling, singing, playing music, telling poetry, acting mainly from home or well lit space with your mobile phone. People would pay us Donations and you get 80% if you host the class or 50/50 if we run the class and you pose. No nudity or up to nipple tassles and J string. 

  • Posing nude for Artists at classes or Privately but we don't deal with private for now. When we'll do we'll take 20%. For classes you get paid £20/h for 2 to 3 hrs paid the next day against invoice.

  • Nude and interesting dressed classes are recorded for Artists to finish their drawings/paintings at home for 72 hrs and they pay about £10, you get 1/2 forever or for as long as we work together. 

  • You can film yourself dressed or nude from home or outdoors and have the choice to get paid.


Film yourself and Places:

Examples with different ways to earn: