Medium and Long term:

  • Every morning when you wake up you, most of the time, you'll wake up better off than when you went to bed, because people around the world would have found you on the Network, would have joined your Art group and would have noted when will be the next time you'll be posing briefly or completely. Your group can only be joined by full members and they can only join 5 model groups at a time. For each member in your group you receive a growing membership that could grow to 1000's of members and obviously 1000's of £s every month. You may want to change the notification sound on your phone to Kching!

  • You will be posing at least once a week Live on Zoom and FB /other Platforms so that your groups keep growing, you will run your own class every week, untutored unless you invite a teacher, friend or me (volunteer) to guide the class. Please remember that your name will be different then for security long term reasons so you won't be able to promote. If you do because you don't mind the risks, then you'll still have the obligation to continue working with us as we wouldn't be responsible for what could happen then. It has happened in the past that competitors who can afford to pay spies/usually their Life models, would make them contact other models and threaten them not to work with their competitors or if canning would make up stories that would spread like wild fire and create havoc in completely innocent people's lives. This is quite normal to happen in any successful Cash industry, that it has become. Good is a magnet for Bad, that we all know.

  • You will be taking self portraits at home with your  still camera, when not filming yourself posing in clothes, nude or performing, that will only be visible to  Employers Full members. If your friend is a photographer then this could be a good activity to have in isolation days.

  • In the same way you will be running your own zoom modeling session that we will need to start and manage, we could also help you run your own yoga, dance, Art classes and will invite all members to them. If you happen to be a very reliable person that is familiar with zoom already, you could make extra cash by managing other people's meetings in the first 20/30 mins.

  • Artists who will want to hire your services in person, would need to build a private profile page to make you feel safe and respect a few rules but it will be your own decision and risks to take. This will happen with traveling models and life models who will go to places with sanitized seats/clean floors, without touching anything except their clothes and getting paid in advance originally. Hand washing will be needed without touching the taps.

  • Any zoom recorded video will be available for hire or available to paying members and you'll receive 50/50 at the end of the month or when you ask. A Photo & Video model release is needed to be signed before any recording can happen.

  • If you are already promoting yourself on Social media as a Model or Life Model and running your own drawing sessions, you could continue doing so but let us start your meeting, make you the host, give you all takings except for a small admin fee and we'd invite our people to your sessions using a different name the way we always do giving you 50/50 of their bought tickets. So you gain for paying participants and we don't let our members go.