All are classes are FREE, or Donations based so Free for those with a reason not to donate...
All the donations you give are shared 50/50 between our model and us so we both can continue offering the best possible service.
Those who don't need to donate are:
  • People who became friends after 18 years of following our endeavour
  • Life models with some having modeled with us for years
  • Artists that we invite so that they can produce Art that our members want to see.
  • Our Full members who don't need to but they still do so they can influence our Decisions and choices
  • Unemployed people on low income as long as they ask and prove it same for
Disabled people, people with chronic illnesses or Pain, people with hearing problems for occasional subtitled transcript guided classes, people who have been ill and recovering, all the NHS front line people, Ambulance people, the Police, the Army, people with terrible jobs and terrible hours who simply tell us what they do.
  • People who have donated recently and simply can't afford to do so every time
  • People who don't seem to donate but do give very little regularly without us finding out in time
  • Any Art teachers, class organizers we work with, as any little helps
  • People who volunteer in Modeling, admin, Graphic design, Promoting in proportion to what they'd normally pay.

Any Sponsors from anywhere globally should get in touch and if Corporate should know that I have a huge experience in making HR people's life much easier with creative team building, ice breaking creative events now even easier to have, Online at the Office.

Donating can also work for celebration groups from Hen, Stag, Birthdays by donating, refundable £$s, in advance, regularly for the all group with small deposit needed to book the day. We made Draw and smile, about 200 groups in the Past.

To find out what you get when you donate regularly please check our About Pages, email us at eukart at for any enquiries and start smiling as someone is taking care of everything no matter what it takes... :)
Here is the easy way to Donate £5/week and use everything we offer
Tony Picano (FB Creative Friends group)
+44 79 51613705 (always text first as too much spam calls)