About me

My Artist Name is Santiago and my CV for that is that I was like many of our members a rarety when I was a kid as I would simply draw/paint all the time competing with other kids, winning and earning from it at school. I always tried to keep Art on the side to help me go through Life and carriers to also that it was possible. Many at that time considered Artists as the lowest including Family. Today I still prone the same idea helping everyone grow their skills until they absolutely know they can retire from their Art. This is what I am offering here with this website. I went to a very Old Masters school in Paris but they weren't really interested in emotion, energy or Gesture. I also studied in London at Central St Martins, Cordwainers and London college of Communication but wasn't too impressed with their curriculum  which is something i can only deal with, now in my next life. I spent about 5 years drawing people from all corners of the World in Montmartre (Paris) mainly in the summer and 2 years with amazing Chinese Artist outside the National Portrait Gallery when the Sun was out/Summer.

In everyday Life my name is Tony Picano if you'd like to find me on FB.

I am a very International man with sun in my veins with Portuguese/Brazilian father and Italian Mum but spent 1/2 my Life in France. I am not what is called a professional Artist as I simply could not do both. When I came to this country/UK as soon as I could speak English I became a Professional dedicated Freelance Photographer, who became a very dedicated builder, Carpenter and multi trades person, went to school for that and ended up spending 5 out of 12 years doing my own Smart Appartment near Broadway Market in London UK. Near the end I needed an escape to keep me sain which was Life Drawing.

Because I spent my youth making my own pocket money from drawing people and carricatures, this was simply the perfect choice. Went to 2 classes, one amazing and the other terrible with very upset, exploited Life models. I decided to be a Mr Fix it again and changed everything as much as possible by trippling models wages and making classes 2/3 cheaper. This became soon a mini revolution that saved classes from extinction in the UK at least. My uncle used to own a Pub in Paris and was a fun place to be and so I went to see pubs where a fog was permanent as this was before the smoking ban in the UK. Their function rooms could not be used regularly for this reason but I did as I was a smoker then until the ban happened and I stopped smoking and everyone wanted to draw so used in total about 100 pubs, dozens of participants saw the niche and started their own so the one thing I could do was to simply become the Network for it in the UK. Classes from then grew exponentially in the UK, then in France and did a bit better in the US. US is another story as they didn't need any help really as they had their own people and competition. My network was then called the Life Drawing Society and approved many life Drawing Societies in the World without franchising as I was busy enough in London. What did a huge amount of good at many levels of Society and also because of using TV and radio a lot but also brought a lot of hanger from people who for example were making a living out of charging Life models to work and still are even when the Arts Council prohibits it. You'll find out more by googling my name and hope you'll smile rather than... :).

I used my building abilities to build a two storey Art gallery in Redchurch Street in London where I was exhibiting amazing Artists and were running Life Drawing classes so this is also in my veins to first exhibit other people's work until I can realx and exhibit my own. I also used about 20 pubs for permanent exhibitions. My latest place for our Life Arts gallery was in Containerville in East London.

Contrary to apparences I am a very funny and colorful individual who after hurting myself running too many classes everywhere (Achille's Tendonitis), ended up running all my classes in a Comedy club where we drew, drunk, ate, giggled a lot but Covid didn't help.

I am hoping to help our members sell their Art and I'll be going to places to deliver it taking small groups with me as we simply all deserve a bit of that in the future, don't we?!

As I'd rather do than boast, I'll keep improving my World so I can also benefit and say "We" rather than "I". I am on the case of building an international team for everyone's sake rather than try to make millions in the biggest possible spaces like many decided to do for the sake of money rather than Art. I Love People, I love Drawing and I Love Drawing people and will keep on bringing people where no one has drawn before... :).


More about Us

What we do now and in 2021

Our idea is to try to affect our World in the best possible way by helping it's Population, no matter where, with being more creative, Artistic for Less than what is advertised in Well established institutions. This is done by promoting on platforms where people expect to pay less than normal and  by offereing crazy Monthly memberships, giiving possibilities that weren't possible ever before. We Aim to develop online as well as In Person classes everywhere and in every possible styles in such a way that we will be helping people go back to in Person classes with everything they need, and badly needed before but didn't have. We also want to help As many Art teachers, Artists, Models in the World get through this difficult Covid period and try to pay them as well as we can afford as profit is absolutely not out aim here. In simple Words we say that the more we make the more we can make out of it. and the further it will take us..

We will keep on inventing or adapting ideas so that our Teachers, Artists, models and Participants are happier, better than ever in their lives with ART and without putting all our bets only on that as it takes 1/2 of a Life time to be able to live from Art, most of the time, so please do not give up your everyday carrier until we both agree that you could :).

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About Classes

We always tried to invent new ways,ideas but also used the Best of what we know people Like as they talk to us and never copy ideas on anyone and in fact try to affect how fast our ideas will travel without being an issue locally as any new successfu industry always has less succesfull people copying the most succesfull ideas.

By the middle of 2021 when most of us will be vaccined and back to in person classes and events, this website will offer all week courses + classes for beginners at a silly price, same at weekends. Beginners may never go to an in Person class until they'll feel confident enough so staying Online is perfect for them.

Intermediate people will start selling their much improved work to the World because of classes/workshops services that weren't possible before and will definitely come back to in person classes but like before to Socialize, Munch, drink, meet people finally and feel the vibe which is obviously Unique. Serious Art like in the Past will happen at home with Live classes or video recordings rather than Photos which was the main source of inspiration until now.

Advanced, Commercial Artists will sell with us as we do not charge any commission as long as they are full members and enjoying the services they can finally benefit from to make even better Art. They'll also get free Banner Advertising all over on many existing and coming soon Platforms. We will simply bring Artists in everyone's Living room, Office everywhere in our World and above at the Station (let's talk to them).

Art teachers will be able to work and teach much more easily privately or Live for groups and will be able to spend more of their time preparing, becoming better and even Draw/paint more as many too often have to choose between the two. 

Life Models will be able to start support groups like Art teachers or Artists so that we can subscribe to those and show support like Patronage. Now models are paid better than ever before, get donations, commissions on everything including Artwors sold that they posed for and will never ever again have to pay to be allowed to work again, which is now abolished for good. Artists, models and Artists should stay away from those who exploit the most disavantaged...

Finally we are developping new kind of models who don't pose nude but spend much more time promoting us and themselves to the all World as Life Drawing/ Nudity isn't accepted everywhere but people do Draw everywhere...

LDN Team