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The Life Arts Gallery

Tips and Tricks

​For Beginners and Regular members:

  • Go to any of Tony's Tuesday semi-guided on demand classes and tell him that you are happy to get a little guidance and he will do that as this is what has kept him moving, walking and breathing for the last 20 years :). Please buy a ticket for £7 if you just want to hear what he says then and draw or pay a little £3 extra to be able to access to the class recording for years to come that you can watch 20 times a day whenever you have time off.

  • Show your drawings if you like at the end of the class to get a first impression/feedback and if you paid even £7, make sure you upload one or two drawings here that Tony will comment on or other well experienced Artists in the comment box once they click on those images. Please don't select your members name to avoid spammers and scammers.

  • Go back occasionally and check for comments, go and see other drawings and Paintings, click on the Hearts if you like what you see and simply keep on practicing while having fun on Tuesdays or at our Free sessions on Thursdays for Portraits and dressed models members drawing.

For Full members and Artists:

  • Same as for regular members except that you can upload your Best Drawing just to inspire other class participants or to sell them as an Original, with the option of scanning it and selling digital files. Please make sure you watermark digitally your images sown here. All regular members can upload their Artworks image here in the right Album making sure they write their Artwork History, medium, dimmensions, title and price that includes our 20% commission if you are a full member or if you promote on Social media and 50% if you don't. Please include the post & packaging cost and insurrance if it is a Painting or heavy dudy cardboard tube if it's a Drawing. A letter of authenticity is also a nice thing to do.

  • Artworks that don't get Heart clicks within a few months will be deleted automatically so let your friends know.

  • Full members can access 100's of mostly guided Life Drawing classes so they can hope to never stop drawing until their Art becomes perfect to hang in thousands of Bedrooms around the World.

  • To upload your own Art, price it, you'll need to be a full member. Please never put your name there to avoid spammers and scammers who happen to be active.

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