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    Every month
    When Drawing and doing more for much less became possible...
    • Access to All Live Tutored and untutored Online sessions
    • Start, run and post in up to 6 groups
    • Free access to a growing number of sessions recordings
    • Access to sessions recordings links within an hour
    • Upload finished Drawings/Paintings to be exhibited
    • Access to recommended tutors/models videos pages in 2022
    • Weekly newsletter with your and other members Drawings
    • Invite 1 friend, colleague to any/all sessions as a one-off
    • Tailored referrals to earn from for full members only
    • Help running your in Person class(es) with models/promotion
    • Don't pay when you go to in Person classes (write a review)
    • Discounts on whatever we sell, offer, you'll see announced.
    • Coming soon: Model's Portfolios Access, Art supply discounts
    • Access to our Image databases page to Draw from (2022)
    • Access to your Local models group once you requested

    Every month
    When all Professionals can finally benefit forever and ever!
    • Enjoy all "Life Drawing membership" advantages
    • run and post in up to 10 groups
    • Post jobs in local as well as wider area groups and in blogs
    • Write your own Blog
    • Models get help with their Portfolios (Drawings or Photos)
    • Tutors, Schools have their own presentation/feedback page
    • Access to Life models listing for TV & Films (no Porn)
    • After 3 months, access to your time zone Online Life models
  • Online@Work up to 10

    Every month
    Invite up to 10 colleagues, at Online Guided Session
    • Office online Life Drawing up to 20
  • Active Plan

    Every month
    To be able to Post in Groups
    • Post in 3 groups where this plan can be used to post.

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