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                       Quick auditions for new Zoom Life models


Why do we need to audition life models?

  1. To help people who never modeled before give them a go, with adequate information/instructions.

  2. To help in Person Life models give a go at Online modeling with our advice.

  3. To provide Artists with always new Life models of all possible style with added tension to the session, which benefits many artists.

  4. To give Artists the opportunity to choose who they will draw more in the future by  donate to them.

When are they?

Only on Wednesdays 7pm (UK time), 8pm or exceptionally any other UK evening with advance warning.

What life models need to know:

Auditions aren't paid and as Artists don't pay for the session, so that they can afford to donate to Life models they'd like to draw again. The wage after that is £20/h + donations. 

Those who don't mind who they draw are the exceptions, believe me...

What makes a good Zoom Life model?

  1. Wifi as the job is Online, so all other devices using Wifi in the house should be switched off, stay away from large glass windows and connect your mobile phone to your laptop as a USB camera with the cable after uploading/installing the right App.

  2. Patience: A model that keep asking for jobs will never get any or will worry employers which is the worst you can do. If after auditioning or working with any School or Organizer, you do not get another job offer, always wait 4 weeks and nicely, indirectly ask. You could just ask if their classes are doing OK and that you've learned a few interesting poses.

  3. Professionalism: This means that whatever the pro Art teachers wants, is what you need to try to provide such as New/different poses. It cannot be the opposite. An experienced model is the one who knows what that Art teacher needs and can provide it, taking poses that he/she knows, can keep for the required length of time without moving.

  4. Keeping still: What moves first are the face and Back. It is easier and more important to try to keep your head still which is why we share a few tips with you here. Think about your nose or chin and see which direction they are pointing at, to be able to correct the pose regularly.

  5. Not looking tired: Models who close their eyes won't model for our groups again as this is nearly as annoying for an artist as moving. A good night sleep/stamina is important as low energy models cannot help Artists create energy in their Drawing/Painting. Something to be aware of from day 1.

  6. Poses:  Art models should always vary their poses in orientation, Height and depth (forshortening). Artist need to feel challenged a little, enjoy novelty, don't mind anything risky that they didn't expect because they know if can only help their approach and results. Make sure all of your body shows on screen by using your mobile phone selfie camera and view.

  7. Different poses every time:  Life models who shows the same poses at consecutive jobs while working with the same Art teacher/attendees, take the risk of attendees complaining and therefore, never been asked to model again. We'll keep adding new poses to our collections of poses to help or can provide some exceptionally. A good way to remember your poses for them is to give them Animal or yoga names.

  8. Looking at the camera: if Online should be 20 to 50% of the time.

  9. Socialize: Life models usually want to see themselves in the drawings as they often are interested in Art and their contribution to it, which is really well received by Artists.

  10. Contact information: models are really welcome to socialize but if they get asked for their private contact details such as FB or instagram details, they need to ignore the requests as this is one more way to keep them safe in the short as well as long term. We had to help a few with those problems withing the last 20 years and really want to keep them safe. We also have a small gang of saboteurs working or swapping favours with a 20 years competitor, hoping to find a way to contact models to slam, slender, scare, alarm them anonymously most of the time. Please report so we can finally take action.  

  11. Cameras: Image quality and amount of camera is the key to successful online Art modeling so try to get a mobile phone with about 20 mega pixels and good lighting even if zoom shows in 720p it still makes a difference. The more cameras you have the more jobs you will get... You'll also need to buy a tripod and clamps for them. The more cameras the better the wifi needs to be.

  12. Register: Please use our registration pages for the right jobs for you as we cannot guess what jobs you are looking for. No information is used in any other way than to help you find work. Most of us in our team have modeled in the past when the rate was the minimum wage, £3/h, which is why I trippled it around 2005. Before then, Life models were considered as the lowest of the lowest, now they are on Top and will remain.

  13. Promotion: As life models have been completely exploited in London UK for 15+ years, since we trippled their wages and X100+ their numbers by other Life models, we will never charge them for anything except when it starts costing us obviously. To stop the cost of FB advertising running our World, we are creating an Alternative not just for models but for everyone...


  • Do all models need to audition? No as if they have a few previous paid jobs experiences, we don't need to.

  • Do auditions need to be nude? Yes if you will be posing nude in the Future but we also do Paid jobs where they only Show their Face, Torso, back and hands so could do the same at the audition.

  • Do we charge Life models to Audition and work? We don't and have been trying to make this practice stop in London UK, to start with, as models are the least paid of all models and 1/2 of them have Student loans to pay back. They are also those bulying their models to do sabotage for them for exchange of favours (Fortunately London only).

  • Do we pay life models at auditions? No for the very reason that we don't audition them at normal classes, we don't sell tickets to Artists who come to draw unpaid life models.  

  • How do Life models get paid? Online or in person Life models never get paid before a job, unless it is private modeling and both model and artist don't know each other. Our models also receive donations but some artists decide to give the next morning, we then message the model and ask for a total amount invoice. Once we have that we transfer their salary immediately and use Paypal for international models.

  • Why do we change model's names? Simply for their long term privacy as they are always going to be unstable people out there in the Social media or Web World and we don't want to put them at risk from perverts and saboteurs. 

  • Do Life models get special discounts? yes for us they are the Front line of this new Art industry and like NHS people we don't charge them for our classes.

  • Is it Ok to ask Life models for their personal details? Absolutely not, and they also get told not to give them to anyone for their safety/privacy. Ask me and I'll ask them in the same way you'd do when working with a fashion model agency.

  • Can Life models start their own classes? Yes, no matter where they are no matter if they can draw or not.

  • Can they earn extra income from anything else? Yes there are many ways and new ones popping up regularly but this is between them and us using common sense and a noble ethos.

  • What about any job interview? The first time we work together we hope to check your space and lighting so we'll always ask you to go online prior to the class/audition or about 1/2 an hour prior.

  • What happens if the model has a last minute change of plan and can't do the audition, can they do it again? Yes the next week or soon. Only those who don't give 24 hrs notice will never be given another chance, same for any job/class with Artists/attendees. 

  • Can a Life model we gave an audition to, helped and trained at no cost, start modeling for other class organizers? Not online, because when they do, they disappear going from one to the next organizer indefinitely. Instead, to avoid that, we help them start their own classes Online or in Person anywhere.  As we do not run in person classes at least until 2023 we will instead help all art schools and organizers internationally with their models for in person classes or simply help models run their own.

  • Can you use your audition as a reference with any in person Class you may want to pose for? Yes of course, this is what they are for and you could call that, being LDN registered, but we'll be sad to see you going for too loong. Please do keep in touch.

  • If you are not 18 but 16+ can you audition and pose for classes? Yes you can as long as you get your Mum or Dad to sign our consentment agreement and if they chaperon you at least at the audition. This is only for Art classes/groups as privately is another matter we don't deal with if you are a minor.

  • What do we do to help models with poses? We give them the list of all our pages with poses and their passwords, Our pages of videos and recordings with our  recommendations and we will keep on showing you poses from time to time that would suit your personality and physic. Passwords could get changed regularly so make sure you go through them quickly, name them to remember them, take snaps on your mobile and don't share them with anyone.

  • Can this page be copied? Not at all, as we do not allow that. All our content is copyright protected.

  • Do we allow Artists to grab photos and videos from classes? Absolutely not, it is completely forbidden and explained to them time everytime. Models can get legal Aid and sue them and ask for damages.

Feel free to ask anything else via email at eukart at or text me on 07951613705 (always text first because of spammers and don't use voicemail).


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